University of Athens

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) is a public university located in Athens, Greece. Inaugurated in 1837, it has been the first university in the newly established Modern Greek state, as well as in the Balkan and the Eastern Mediterranean area. Its role has been historically and socially decisive for education and promotion of cultural life in the country and beyond. When inaugurated, it comprised four Schools; Theology, Law, Medicine and the School of “Philosophy and Other Fundamental Studies” (which included applied sciences and mathematics). During its first year of operation, the institution had 33 professors, while courses were attended by 52 students and 75 non-matriculated “auditors”. For the academic year 2020-21, the NKUA offers 41 undergraduate programs as well as 205 postgraduate programs leading to a Master’s or Doctoral degree. The NKUA has 15 Centers of Excellence, 5 University Research Institutes, 3 University Hospitals, 70 Clinics and Departments under the auspices of the School of Health Sciences, 243 University Laboratories, 11 libraries, the History Museum of the University, the Historical Archive and 13 thematic museums. Furthermore, at the Modern Greek Language Teaching Center, Greek language is taught as a second/foreign language; and at the Foreign Languages Teaching Center 24 languages can be studied and special programs are available in language, translation, science of law or medicine. Finally, the University offers a Students’ Union, sports centers, special artistic groups, etc. as well as a number of counseling and support services to students and the public.