This page is a collection of miscellanea of project related articles, testimonials and further readings.


The Not So Short Story of Ailsa Cox

Discovering an innovative teaching tool during the SFBB project: the Baludik application

Les formes breves, sujet et objet d’innovations pédagogiques

Precusory Projects that lead to the SFBB

Discover an interview with Michaël Federspiel, PRAG of English at the UA (UFR LLSH) about the novel #EntreNosMurs, which he conceived from a story initially invented on Instagram and published daily during the 57 days of the first Confinement in March 2020.


Short report from Justus Liebig University Giessen

Interview with Sara Gonzalez Bernandez, Santiago de Compostela

Interview with Sergio López Sande, Santiago de Compostela

Interviews from the SFBB Giessen Workshop

Interview with Eva Auré, University of Angers

Impressions by Bálint Szántó, University of Szeged

Students Evaluations of the Athens SFBB Program

Additional resources

European Network for Short Fiction Research

Journal of the Short Story in English

PositiveNegatives — a website hosting original short animations, comics and podcasts about “pressing social, humanitarian and environmental issues” with very useful complementary educational materials for the discussion of these works and the issues they tackle.

A website developed around the SFBB Erasmus + project for Flemish teachers (Catholic University of Leuven).

BBC National Short Story Award

Les Projets eTwinning/eTwinning Projects

Prix UNICEF de Littérature Jeunesse 2023

Discover a subjective tour of the city of Leuven through the prism of short forms, produced as part of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships project “Short Forms Beyond Borders”.

The website of Short Edition

The Le récit-page